Saturday, 6 July 2013

Custom Home Design Ideas

There are essentially three ways to design and select a custom home plan: hire home builders in Dallas, purchase a plan from a plan service or work with a builder who already has plans. In all these cases, you can modify the plans to meet your particular needs. While customizing, try to implement the below ideas:

The roofline:

A square house with a gable roof i.e. two angled planes that meet in the center is the most efficient type of build. It is also the most barn-like. Avoid a house with too many corners and roofline that can be overly expensive and then be unattractive in the end.

Windows and Doors:

Windows and doors should have their tops and bottoms aligned at the same height within a room. Different window styles should not be mixed freely and have only a minimal variations from common sizes.

Exterior Materials:

The combination of too many different types of siding looks can be just as distracting as too many window styles. On the other hand, a house that is built without design touches can also be unattractive. It’s better if you leave this decision to your custom home builders Dallas TX.

Interior colors:

In this case, I suggest spending time with a variety of home design magazines to get a feel for what might be acceptable without being either dreary or over the top. Follow the steps:

•    Take an interesting shade and paint a large piece of drywall.

•    Let it dry and bring the drywall into the room that the color was intended for.

•    Check out the match for several days.

If it doesn’t pass the muster start the process over with a new color. While the exterior of a custom home contributes to the first impression, it is the interior appearance that has the most effect on people.

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